The comic stories that inspired
the Carl Barks Lithographs

by Another Rainbow
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As many of you know, a number of the Carl Barks Lithographs produced by Another Rainbow Publishing during the 1980s and 1990s were sold with an accompanying special comic reprint or actual comic containing the Barks stories which was the inspiration for Bark's oil paintings and lithographs. For instance, everyone who bought the "An Astronomical Predicament" lithograph from Another Rainbow also received a small, digest-size numbered reprint of the "Island in the Sky" comic book story  that inspired the oil painting, "An Astronomical Predicament".

Among the miscellaneous treasures from the Bruce Hamilton vaults, we found a few extra of these and 4 other special comic reprints. These are not numbered like the ones issued with the original lithographs. However, they are unique from any others in existence in that they each have a special gold foil sticker on them that says "Produced by Another Rainbow".  Furthermore, of the "Island in the Sky" comic reprints, a very few of them were actually signed by Carl Barks! The other 4 lithographs on the web page listed below were accompanied by 1 or 2 published comic books - some of which are becoming very scarce. The prices are determined by their scarcity and collectability.

Litho: Dam Disaster At Money Lake

Oversize Reprint of Uncle Scrooge #1

Extremely RARE - $35

Litho: Halloween In Duckburg

Oversize Reprint of
"Trick or Treat"
Very Limited - $20

Litho: Return To Plain Awful

Donald Duck Adventures #3
"Lost in the Andes"
Very Limited - $20

Litho: A Hot Defense

Oversize spiral-bound reprint of
"The Duck in the Iron Pants"
Extremely Limited - $25

Litho: Return To Plain Awful

Donald Duck Adventures #12
"Return to Plain Awful"
Limited $5

Litho: Gifts For Shacktown

Oversize spiral-bound reprint of
"A Christmas For Shacktown"
Extremely Limited - $25

Litho: An Astronomical Predicament

Digest - size reprint of "Island in the Sky"
Extremely Limited - Unsigned $20
Extremly Limited - Signed by Barks $60

Litho: The Goose Egg Nugget

Uncle Scrooge Adventures #26
"Back to the Klondike"
Very Limited - $12

Litho: The Stone That Turned All Metals Gold
Uncle Scrooge #253 - "The Stone That Turned All Metals Gold" - Limited - $10

Litho: Menace From The Grotto

Donald Duck Adventures #9
"The Ghost of the Grotto" - $3