An Astronomical Predicament
20"x 16 " Large lithograph

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Small, digest-size reprint of the “Island in the Sky” comic book that inspired the painting, Astronomical Predicament.
Character images (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc. are provided for infor mation purposes only and not for commercial reuse or reproduction.

Uncle Scrooge McDuck has led his kin - Donald Duck and his nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie­ to the far corners of the earth. But what would happen if he decided to buy a second-hand rocket ship and fly to an Island in the Sky? To an asteroid? Not too sur prising that it leads to An Astronomical Predicament. . . a situation that could only be told by the Old Duck Man himself, master storyteller, artist, and painter Carl Barks. In 1983 Barks himself said of the story, which was originally published in Uncle Scrooge #29, in March-May, 1960, “The one that I like best now after all these years in looking back over the whole chain of them that I did, was ‘Island in the Sky.'"
An Astronomical Predicament is based on that famous comic book story and is the fifteenth Walt Disney oil painting by Barks in a continuing limited edition lithograph series. Everyone who buys. a print in this edition will receive – free - a small, digest-size reprint of the "Island in the Sky" comic book story that inspired the painting, An Astronomical Predicament. Printed by the Black Box in Chicago, it is available in a Regular Edition of 345 copies, 100 Gold Plates and five (5) boxed sets of Progressive Proofs.

  • Regular Edition Price for #11 and up $900 (available)
  • Regular Edition Price for #2-10, add 15% (available)
  • Regular Edition Price for #1, add 65% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edition #11-100, add 50% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edition #2-10, add 65% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edtion #1, add 185% (sold)
  • Publishers and Printer’s proofs, add 125% (available)
  • Artist Proofs, add 175% (sold)
  • Progressive Proofs, Special Editions and Foreign Editions, inquire. (available)

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