A Hot Defense
8"x 10"Miniature Litho (1990)

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Over-sized, full-color comic book, spiral bound in white plastic, a special edition reprint of “The Duck in the Iron Pants
Character images (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc. are provided for infor mation purposes only and not for commercial reuse or reproduction.

Donald Duck’s family squabbles with his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie took on epic proportions beginning in 1937 with the animated shorts and during those formative years Carl Barks was one of Disney’s favored story men. Barks was, in fact, part of the story team who produced the first animated cartoon featuring the nephews. It is not surprising that these years had an influence on the Donald Duck ten-pagers in Walt Disney’s Comics and Stories. “The Duck in the Iron Pants was published as the lead story in WDC&S #41, a classic. It was Barks’ first depiction of a battle between Donald and the boys and though Don triumphs in the beginning, as the Old Duck Man portrays the recreated scenario in his 1974 painting, A Hot Defense, the tide turns when a blowtorch heats the seat of the duck’s “invincible” suit of armor. Another Rainbow’s first miniature lithograph, it has compelling and powerful character portrayals, design and flow: the dynamics of the stormy sky’s night-time blacks reflect the Duck master at his best. Originally rendered as a 16”x 20” oil, this quarter-size print jampacks eye-spinning movement and flawlessly thought-out story telling into one dynamite package that suggests both what may have ignited such a raging war while -- at the same time -- portending unpredictable twists, turns and excitement to follow!
All copies of A Hot Defense come with an oversized, full-color, comic reprint of “The Duck in the Iron Pants,” telling the story behind the painting. Spiral bound in white plastic, it reproduces Barks’ eighth ten-page adventure, drawn in 1944 and the inspiration for his 1974 painting. If you already own the lithograph, be sure to save the like-numbered comic! (Little reduction in value is attributed to the lithograph’s resale if the comic book is missing; but its inclusion will definitely enhance the sale’s potential if that need should ever arise. It’s likely in some future day a significant premium value will be attached to the mini-comic when and if it is sold in a package with the print.)
A Hot Defense
was done in continuous tone by the Black Box of Chicago in four editions. The image size is 8”x10” on 11 1/2”x13” Opalesque Keramique, an iridescent, mother-of-pearl paper constructed of 100% cotton fiber for strength and longevity that is guaranteed not to fade under normal storage conditions for hundreds of years.

  • Regular Edition Price for #11 and up $390 (sold)
  • Regular Edition Price for #2-10, add 15% (sold)
  • Regular Edition Price for #1, add 55% (available)
  • Gold Plate Edition #11-100, add 20% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edition #2-10, add 55% (available)
  • Gold Plate Edition #1, add 125% (sold)
  • Publishers and Printer’s proofs, add 80% (available)
  • Artist Proofs, add 120% (sold)
  • Progressive Proofs, Special Editions and Foreign Editions, inquire. (available)

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