The Stone That Turned All Metals Gold
20"x 16" Large lithograph

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Oversized, full-color, comic reprint of “The Stone That Turned All Metals Gold
Character images (c) Disney Enterprises, Inc. are provided for infor mation purposes only and not for commercial reuse or reproduction.

Carl Barks' legendary 1955 comic book story, "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone," tells of the fantasticatillionaire, Uncle Scrooge Me Duck, who researches a myth in ancient books of bygone pagan kings and an alchemist who fused four metals into a ball of mother-of-gold, thereby making a true Philosopher's Stone that - by touch - turns all base metals into pure gold! The lure of such an unlimited source of gold tempts Scrooge to try to find the Stone.
Nephews Donald Duck and Huey, Dewey and Louie assist their miserly old Uncle in a quest or riches that takes them from the Black Forest of Germany to the Mideast and finally into the labyrinth of the bestial Minotaur on the island of Crete, where they find the famous Stone in the throne room of fabled King Minos. The exact moment of their discovery is captured in The Stone That Turns All Metals Gold, an oil painting finished by the Old Duck Man in his 90th year (36 years after the original appearance of the comic book story, a recent copy of which accompanies each lithograph in this offering).
The Stone That Turns All Metals Gold is the seventeenth Walt Disney oil painting by Barks to be reproduced in the continuing full-size, limited edition lithograph series. Printed by the Black Box in Chicago, in an image measuring 20" x 16" on 25 ½” x 21" paper, it is available in a Regular Edition of 350 copies, 100 Gold Plates, five (5) boxed sets of Progressive Proofs, and a special 90th birthday "Friends of the Ducks" edition of 50 prints. 395 have been set aside exclusively for foreign editions, plus two boxed sets of Progressives.

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