Miscellaneous Carl Barks and Disney Albums & Books

The Carl Barks Library - 1940s Donald Duck Christmas Giveaways

Five hard-to-find 8-page Christmas Stories by Carl Barks grace this first of a nine-issue Comic Album series. "Donald Duck's best Christmas," "Santa's Stormy Visit," "Three Good Little Ducks,"
"Toyland," and "New Toys," were written by Barks in the 1940s as premiums for toy stores. Also, included is a 2 page article by Barks historian, Geoffrey Blum. Extremely Limited supply. $30.00

The Carl Barks Library - Uncle Scrooge Comics One Pagers (Part1)

The first of two companion albums collecting all of the one-page gags produced by Carl Barks for the Uncle Scrooge comic book. While largely overshadowed by Barks' legendary longer tales, these short works nevertheless display the Duck Man's phenomenal wit and imagination in quick, brilliant bursts. It is here that you experience the full range of Scrooge's eccentricities, and get tantalizing glimpses into the day-to-day workings of the mind of the world's richest duck as he pursues one of the great defining goals of his life - saving a buck! Extremely Rare and ONLY available as a 2-volume set.

Part 1 & 2 Set -----------------------------------------------------------$100 (IF available)

The Carl Barks Library - Uncle Scrooge Comics One Pagers (Part2)

The second of two companion albums collecting all of the one-page gags produced by Carl Barks for the Uncle Scrooge comic book. The material is reproduced with brand new full computer color and is organized in strict chronological order. There are also appearance by almost every member of the Duck Family, as well as the only appearances of some of the oddball bit players Barks concocted to populate the ducks' world. $25.00

Walt Disney’s Comics First Appearances #1

A truly historic collection of stories, for each represents a landmark issue of Walt Disney's Comics and Stories for collectors and aficionados of the work of Carl Barks. Barks, whose Donald Duck short stories became the feature attraction in Walt Disney's Comics and Stories shortly after their introduction in 1943, quickly went on to populate Donald's hometown of Duckburg with a variety of unforgettable characters of his own invention.
This book contains three stories that reprint the first appearances of three such characters for the pages of Disney's flagship title: Scrooge McDuck, Donald's multi-billionaire tightwad uncle; Gladstone Gander, Donald's exasperatingly lucky cousin; and the Junior Woodchucks, the know-it-all scout group to which Donald's nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie belong.
Also included is the "Legends" Premium Card - with Photos of Barks and a listing of when and where each Barks' character appeared.

Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks (click here for more images)
The incredible story of how the ninety-year-old creator of Uncle Scrooge launched into a new three-dimensional career in porcelain - the latest incarnation of artist Carl Barks. This magnificent book has high production values in paper, color and binding. It has a startling double-gate foldout in the center that reproduces all ten paintings that were planned to be released as Barks Disney-duck figurines over a five-year schedule. In part one, associate editor Geoffrey Blum writes about Carl Barks: legend, craftsman, and consummate cartoonist. Section two details Connoisseur, where the sculptures were molded, fired and painted in a small town in England. Section three is an interview with Barks, that examines his overseer role as controller of the finished production models. Full color and duo-tone photos abound, making Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks a a must-read showcase.