Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks

The incredible story of how the ninety-year-old creator of Uncle Scrooge launched into a new three-dimensional career in porcelain - the latest incarnation of artist Carl Barks. This magnificent book has high production values in paper, color and binding. It has a startling double-gate foldout in the center (see top left and center images) that reproduces all ten paintings that were planned to be released as Barks Disney-duck figurines over a five-year schedule. In part one, associate editor Geoffrey Blum writes about Carl Barks: legend, craftsman, and consummate cartoonist. Section two details Connoisseur, where the sculptures were molded, fired and painted in a small town in England. Section three is an interview with Barks, that examines his overseer role as controller of the finished production models. Full color and duo-tone photos abound, making Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks a a must-read showcase. $15.00

Figurine Version $39 (click here for details)