1. Email: this is the best and fastest way to order. Just email us at with your name, shipping address, daytime phone number and what you'd like to order.

If you don't specify method of shipping, we'll assume you want the least expensive and slower method. (However, there is no 'slow' way anymore to send packages overseas.) We'll send you a PayPal invoice by email right away. If you have a large order (over $1,500.00), inquire about wire transfers as a method of payment.

(Please remember to give us your shipping address in order for us to determine shipping costs.)

2. Phone: (602) 616-0917 Email is the most efficient way of reaching us but you can still call. With additional committments outside the office during the day, we may not be available, so just leave a message on our voicemail).

3. Online: Sorry! Due to such a wide variety of items and about 500 web pages, we don't offer this.


1. We have found that the fastest, most secure way to pay is through Paypal. We will send you a PayPal invoice by email and, if you have a paypal account, you can pay with a click of your mouse. Otherwise, with a few extra clicks, you just fill in the blanks with your credit card information (Visa, Mastercard, Amex or Discover) and we'll receive payment right away. The exact steps to follow if you want to pay by credit card are:

  1. Click "Pay invoice" under the payment amount in the email.
  2. Click "Pay now" at the top of the page.
  3. Log in to your PayPal account to pay through PayPal or enter your credit card information if you do not have an account. You will want to choose the option, checkout as guest and enter your credit card information.

2. Minimum product order of $20.00


1. Normally, we ship twice a week - although this can vary - especially when there are holidays. Allow 2-9 working days for media mail delivery in the USA (Priority Mail takes 1-3 days within the USA or 6-10 days to overseas destinations). NOTE: delivery times can vary - especially during Holidays. We take great care to pack your order so that no damage will occur during transit. "Tracking capability" is a service we provide on all media, priority and first-class parcel deliveries.

2. The shipping/handling charge for small (up to 20 normal comics or 4 comic albums) orders is usually $6.00 for media mail service within the continental USA. USA Priority Mail is faster but more expensive. Outside the USA, rates vary depending upon weight and destination and these orders will normally be sent via Priority International (with tracking ability) - unless more expensive courier arrangements are requested.

NOTE to international customers ordering comics: We can ship small international orders is via Priority Mail - flat envelope for $19. [Canada - $15] This envelope can hold up to 10 "regular sized comics" or 4 regular size comic albums - which are 'sandwiched' between 2 corrugated inserts..

For larger comic orders, up to 55 "regular size" comics or 15 comic albums can be sent in a Priority Regular Size Flat Rate Box for $51. [Canada $36]. This is more protected against damage that the flat envelopes.

For larger comic Album orders, up to 75 "regular size" comics or 30 comic Albums can be sent in a Priority Large Size Flat Rate Box for $64. [Canada $44] Of the 3 flat-rate options, this one offers the most protection against damage.

Of course, we can ship any quantity...but these 3 (or combinations of the 3) are the least expensive.

[Note: Prestige format (US #309-318 and WDCS #601-633) and double or giant-size comics are thicker and fewer of these will fit in the envelope or box)]