Gyro Gearloose - The Madcap Inventor
by Carl Barks

Presenting Carl Barks' famous inventor chicken in all of his solo adventures from the pages of Uncle Scrooge, Gyro Gearloose and various comic book specials from the 1950s and '60s. Find out why Gyro and his bright-headed assistant are favorites of Barks readers!

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Gyro Gearloose Volume 1

Volume 1

Forty-eight pages featuring “Trapped Lightning", "Inventor of Anything", "The Cat Box", "Grandma's Present", "Forecasting Follies", "Fishing Mystery", "The Sure-Fire Gold Finder", "Picnic", "Gyro Build a Better House", and "August Accident". Comic album format. Limited Supply

Gyro Gearloose Volume 2

Volume 2

Forty-eight pages featuring “Roscoe the Robot", "Getting Thor", "The Know-it-all-Machine", "Gyro Goes for a Dip ", "The House on Cyclone Hill", "The Wishing Well", "Krankenstein Gyro", "The Dream Planet", "The Firefly Tracker", and "The Pied Piper of Duckburg".Comic album format Limited Supply. $20.00

Volume 3

Forty-eight pages featuring “Feets Don't Fail Me Now", "Gyro's Workshop", "The Gab Muffer", "The Stubborn Stork", "Milktime Melodies", "The Lost Rabbit's Foot", "The Bird Camera", "The Odd Order", "Gyro and His Creator", "The Inventor's Contest" and "Oodles of Oomph". Comic album format

Gyro Gearloose Volume 4

Volume 4

Forty-eight pages featuring “Say Cheese", "The Call of the Wild", "Cave of the Winds", "Mixed-Up Mixer", "The Madball Pitcher", "The Bear Tamer", "Tale of the Tape", "His Shining Hour", "Warpaint" and "Fishy Warden". Comic album format. V.Limited Supply$25.00

Gyro Gearloose Volume 5

Volume 5

Forty-eight pages featuring “That Small Feeling", "You Can't Win", "Fly-free Fishing", "The Nose Knows", "Monsterville", "The Cube", "Mighty But Miserable", "Brain-Strain", "The Old Timer", "Mechanized Mess", "Wily Rival" and "Power Seating". Comic album format

Gyro Gearloose Volume 6

Volume 6

Forty-eight pages featuring “Fast Away Castaway", "Duckburg's Day of Peril", "Gyro Makes His Mark", "Buffaloed by Buffaloes", "The Great Pop Up", "Putting His Back Into It", "Madcap Inventors", "Finny Fun", "Posthasty Postman", "Snow Duster", "A Helper's Helping Hand", "Man versus Machine" and "Jonah Gyro".Comic album format (SOLD OUT)

COMPLETE SET - all 6 volumes - $125.00 (SOLD OUT) (But, you can still buy albums #1-5.)


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