GLADSTONE COMIC ALBUMSLarge, magazine-size, heavy-stock, square-bound, full-color comic albums by Carl Barks, Don Rosa and William Van Horn
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Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge Adventures in Color
By Carl Barks



#1 "Only a Poor Old Man” $25
#2 "Back to the Klondike" "Something Fishy Here" $20
#3 "The Horse-Radish Story" "The Round Money Bin: SOLD OUT
#4 "The Menehune Mystery" SOLD OUT
#5 "The Secret of Atlantis" SOLD OUT
#6 "Tralla La" "Outfoxed Fox"
#7 "The Seven Cities of Cibola” "Pigeonholed Millions" SOLD OUT
#8 "The Mysterious Stone Ray" "A Campaign of Note" SOLD OUT
#9 "The Lemming with the Locket" "The Tuckered Tiger" $30
#10 "The Fabulous Philosopher's Stone" "The Heirloom Watch" SOLD OUT
#11 "Riches Riches Everywhere!" "The Great Steamboat Race" $20
#12 "The Golden Fleecing" SOLD OUT
#13 "Land Beneath the Ground" $15
#14 "The Lost Crown of Genghis Khan” "Faulty Fortune" $15
#15 "The Second-Richest Duck" "Migrating Millions" SOLD OUT
#16 "Back to Long Ago" "The Colossalest Quiz Show" $20
#17 "A Cold Bargain" $25
#18 "Land of the Pygmy Indians" $30
#19 "The Mines of King Solomon" "Blinders" $15
#20 "City of Golden Roofs" "September Scrimmage " $12
#21 "The Money Well" $12
#22 "The Golden River" $20
#23 "The Strange Shipwrecks" "The Fabulous Tycoon" $12
#24 "The Twenty-Four Carat Moon" "The Magic Ink" $15
#25 "The Flying Dutchman” "Pyramid Scheme" $15
#26 "The Prize of Pizarro" "Return to Pizen Bluff" $15
#27 "The Money Champ" "His Handy Andy" $15
#28 "The 'Paul Bunyan Machine" "The Witching Stick" $20
#29 "Island in the Sky" "Hound of the Whiskervilles " $35
#30 "Pipeline to Danger" "Yoiks! The Fox!" $15
#31 ”All At Sea” "Two-Way Luck" $15
#32 "That's No Fable!" "Clothes Make the Duck" $20
#33 "Billions in the Hole" "Bongo on the Congo" "Mythic Mystery" "Chugwagon Derby" SOLD OUT
#34 "The Fantastic River Race" "The Forbidium Money Bin" "Fun! What's That?" $15
#35 "The Golden Nugget Boat" "Gift Lion" "The Midas Touch" "Money Bag Goat" $15
#36 "Cave of Ali Baba" "Deep Down Doings" $15
#37 "The Unsafe Safe" "Much Luck McDuck" SOLD OUT
#38 "A Spicy Tale” "Tricky Experiment" SOLD OUT
#39 "An Oddball Odyssey" "The Status Seeker" SOLD OUT
#40 "The Case of the Sticky Money" "For Old Dime's Sake" Money" SOLD OUT
#41 "Crown of the Mayas" "The Invisible Intruder" SOLD OUT
#42 "Isle of Golden Geese" "The Travel Tightwad " SOLD OUT
#43 "Lost Beneath the Sea" "The Lemonade Fling " SOLD OUT
#44 "The Thrifty Spendthrift" "The Many Faces of Magic de Spell” $20
#45 "The Loony Lunar Gold Rush" "Rug Riders in the Sky" SOLD OUT
#46 "How Green Was My Lettuce" "The Great Wig Mystery" $12
#47 "Interplanetary Postman" "Billion Dollar Safari" $15
#48 "McDuck of Arabia" "Mystery of the Ghost Town Railroad" $12
#49 "The Swamp of No Return" "The Giant Robot Robbers" $12
#50 "North of the Yukon" "The Phantom of Notre Duck" $18
#51 "So Far No Safari" "Queen of the Wild Dog Pack" $12
#52 "House of Haunts" "The Treasure of Marco Polo" SOLD OUT
#53 "Micro-Ducks From Outer Space" "Heedless Horseman" $15
#54 "Hall of the Mermaid Queen" "The Cattle King” $12
#55 "The Doom Diamond" "King Scrooge the First" $12
#56 "The Black Pearls of Tabu Yama" "Horsing Around With History" "Trail Tycoon" $12

Walt Disney's Donald Duck Adventures In Color
By Carl Barks

#1 "Donald Duck Finds Pirate Gold" $15
#2 "The Mummy's Ring" "The Hard Loser" "Too Many Pets" $18
#3 "Frozen Gold” "The Mystery of the Swamp" SOLD OUT
#4 The Terror of the River" "The Firebug" "Seals are So Smart"
#5 "Volcano Valley" "Riddle of the Red Hat" SOLD OUT
#6 "Maharajah Donald" "The Peaceful Hills" "Donald Duck's Atom Bomb" "Donald Duck Tells About Kites" $15
#7 "Ghost of' the Grotto" "Adventure Down Under" $15
#8 "Christmas on Bear Mountain" "The Old Castle's Secret" $18
#9 "Sheriff of Bullet Valley" "The Golden Christmas Tree" $12
#10 "Lost In the Andes" "Voodoo Hoodoo" $15
#11 "Letter to Santa" "You Can't Guess" SOLD OUT
#12 "Luck of the North" $20
#13 "Land of the Totem Poles" "Trail of the Unicorn" SOLD OUT
#14 "Darkest Africa" "Race to the South Seas" SOLD OUT
#15 "Ancient Persia" "The Pixilated Parrot" $45
#16 "The Magic Hourglass" "Big-Top Bedlam" SOLD OUT
#17 "Dangerous Disguise" "No Such Varmint" $45
#18 "Vacation Time" "Camp Counselor" $12
#19 "In Old California" "Christmas for Shacktown"
#20 "The Golden Helmet" "The Gilded Man" $15
#21 "Trick or Treat" "Hobblin’ Goblins" "Dogcatcher Duck" $30
#22 "Secret of Hondorica" "The Lost Peg-Leg Mine" "Forbidden Valley" $15
#23 "Christmas In Duckburg" "Mastering the Matterhorn" $30
#24 "Donald Duck and the Titanic Ants" "Love Nest" $12
#25 Carl Barks' one-page gags $12
Walt Disney's Comics and Stories in Color
By Carl Barks
#1 "The Victory Garden" "Good Deeds" "Life Guard Daze" "The Rabbits' Food" "The Limber W Guest Ranch" $15
#2 "Good Neighbors" "Snow Fun" "Duck in the Iron Pants" "Salesman Donald" "The Mighty Trapper" $12
#3 "Kite Weather" "Three Dirty Little Ducks" "Rival Boatmen” “The Mad Chemist” "Camera Crazy" $30
#4 "Farragut the Falcon" "Donald's Bay Lot" "High-wire Daredevils" "The Purloined Putty" "Ten Cents Worth of Trouble" SOLD OUT
#5 "tramp steamer"; "Thievery Afoot" "The Icebox Robbers" "Donald Learns the Ropes" "Long Road to Pumkinburg" SOLD OUT
#6 "Pecking Order" "Taming the Rapids" "Eyes In the Dark" "Days at the Lazy K" "Thug Busters" $12
#7 “A Guy Named Joe From Singapore" "The Master Ice-Fisher" "Ten Dollar Dither" "Donald Tames His Temper" "The Great Ski Race" $20
#8 "The Jet Rescue" "The Smugsnorkle Squatty" "Donald's Monster Kite" "Biceps Blues" "Swimming Swindler" $12
#9 "Donald Duck and the Boys" "The Gold-Finder" "The Cantankerous Cat" "Playing Hookey" "Turkey Troubles" $15
#10 "Donald's Posy Patch" "Going Buggy" "Jam Robbers" "Picnics Tricks" "Donald Mines His Own Business" $12
#11 "Fireman Donald" "Magical Misery" "Vacation Time (I)" "The Waltz King" "A Tonal Terror" $12
#12 "Going Ape" "The Terrible Turkey" "Watching the Watchman" "Wintertime Wager" "Wired" $15
#13 "Links Hijinks" "Rocket Race to the Moon" "Spoil the Rod" "Donald of the Coast Patrol" "Gladstone Returns" $15
#14 "Pearls of Wisdom" "Truant Officer Donald" "The Crazy Quiz Show" "Donald Duck's Worst Nightmare" "Foxy Relations" $15
#15 "Pizen Spring Dude Ranch" "Plenty of Pets" "Rival Beachcombers" "The Sunken Yacht" "Managing the Echo System" $12
#16 "Super Snooper" "Donald's Love Letters" "Dowsing Ducks" "The Goldilocks Gambit" "Great Duckburg Frog-Jumping Contest" $15
#17 "Wild About Flowers" "Billions to Sneeze At" Mission to Codfish Cove" "Operation St Bernard" "Rip Van Donald" $12
#18 "A Financial Fable" "April Foolers" "Knighty Rivals" "The Swimming Pool" "The Trouble With Dimes" $15
#19 "Gladstone's Luck" "Ten-Star Generals" "Terror of the Beagle Boys" "The Truant Nephews" "Welcome Guests" $12
#20 "The Big Bin of Killmotor Hill" "Gladstone's Usual Very Good Year" "Rocketwing Saves the Day" "The Screaming Cowboy" "Statuesque Spendthrifts" $15
#21 "Gemstone Hunters" "Gladstone's Terrible Secret" "Houseboat Holiday" "Spending Money" "The Think Bollix" $12
#22 "The Hypno Gun" "Omelet" "Turkey With All the Schemings" "A Charitable Chore" "Flip Decision" $12
#23 "Much Ado About Quackly Hall" "My Lucky Valentine" "The Talking Dog" "Worm Weary" "The Easter Election" $12
#24 "Some Heir Over the Rainbow" "Wispy Willie" "Bee Bumbles" "The Master Rainmaker" "The Money Stairs" $12
#25 "Turkey Trot at One Whistle" "Donald Duck and the Hammy Camel" "Fix-Up Mix-Up" "Flour Follies" "Raffle Reversal" $12
#26 "Cheltenham's Choice" "Midgets Madness" "The price of Fame" "Salmon Derby" "Traveling Truants" $12
#27 "Donald Duck Rants About Ants" "New Year's Revolution" "Search for the Cuspidoria" "Too-Safe Safe" "Worst Class Mail" $25
#28 "Donald's Raucous Role" "Ghost Sheriff of Last Gasp" "Good Canoes and Bad Canoes" "A Descent Interval" "The Taffy Pull" $12
#29 "The Custard Gun" "Three Un-Ducks" "Trouble Indemnity" "The Unorthodox Ox" "The Chickadee Challenge" $12
#30 "Gopher Goof-ups" "The Ice Taxis" "The Olympic Hopeful" "Searching for a Successor" "Secret Resolutions" $12
#31 "In the Swim" "The Master" "Smoke Writer in the Sky" "A whale of a Story" "Camping Confusion" $15
#32 "Knight in Shining Armor" "The Runaway Train" "Statues of Limitation" "Borderline Hero" "Donald's Big Imagination" $12
#33 "Losing Face" "Special Delivery" "Donald's Pet Service" "The Dye is Cast" "Kakimaw County" $12
#34 "The Persistent Postman" "Red Apple Sap" "Sagamor Springs Hotel" "The Tenderfoot Trap" "The Code of Duckburg" $15
#35 "Wishing Stone" "Around the World in Eighty Minutes" "Dodging Miss Daisy" "Fearsome Flowers" "The Half-Baked Baker" $12
#36 "Dramatic Donald" "The Little Chichen Thief" "Mockingbird Ridge" "Noble Porpoises" "Old Froggie Catapult" $12
#37 "First Day of Spring" "The Master Mover" "Tracking Sandy" "Weemite" "Beachomber's Picnic" $12
#38 "The Floating Island" "The Good Deeds (II)" "No Rest for the Rescued" "Volunteer Fireman" "A Tracking Frenzy" $15
#39 "Knights of the Flying Sleds" "Riding the Pony Express" "Under the Polar Ice" "The Wax Museum" "Black Wednesday" $12
#40 "Mystery of the Lock" "The Village Blacksmith" "Want to Buy an Island?" "The Dog-Sitter" "Froggy Farmer" $12
#41 "Missile Fizzle" "Rocks to Riches" "Turkey Trouble (II)" "Balloonatics" "Fraidy Falcon" $12
#42 "Lost Frontier" "Madcap Marines" "Sitting High" "Stranger Than Fiction" "Terrible Tourist" $25
#43 "Boxed-In(I)" "Duck Luck" "Hound Hounder" "Jet Witch" "Mr Private Eye" $12
#44 "Jungle Bungle" "Movie Mad" "Northeaster on Cape Quack" "Ten-Cent Valentine" "Boat Buster" $12
#45 "Master Wrecker" "Medaling Around" "Merry Ferry" "Rags to Riches" "Way Out Yonder" "The Candy Kid" $12
#46 "Christmas Cheer" "Log Jockey" "Raven Mad (I)" "Stalwart Ranger" "A Matter of Factory" $20
#47 "Call of the Wild" "The Jinxed Jalopy Race" "Spare that Hair" "A Ducks-Eye View of Europe" "A Stone's-Throw from Ghost Town" $12
#48 "Beach Boy" "The Duckburg Pet Parade" "Have Gun Will Dance" "Once Upon a Carnival" "Zero Hero" $12
#49 "Bubbleweight Champ" "Cap'n Blight's Mystery Ship" "Double Masquerade" "Feud and Far Between" "Olympian Torchbearer" $15
#50 "Delivery Dilemma" "Duck Out of Luck" "Hero of the Dike" "Instant Hercules" "Unfriendly Enemies" $12
#51 "Beauty Business" "Milkman" "Million Dollar Shower" "Monkey Business (II)" "Not-so-Ancient Mariner" "Silent Night" $15
The Life & Times of Scrooge McDuck
By Don Rosa
1 "The Last of the Clan McDuck" "The Master of the Mississippi" "The Buckaroo of the Badlands" - The Makings of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" SOLD OUT
2 "Raider of the Copper Hill" "The New Laird of Castle McDuck" "The Terror of the Transvaal" - The Makings of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" $18
3 "Dreamtime Duck of the Never-Never" "King of the Klondike" "The Billionaire of Dismal Downs" - The Makings of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" $18
4 "The Invader of Fort Duckburg" "The Empire-Builder from Calisota" "The Richest Duck in the World" - The Makings of "The Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck" $20
Uncle Scrooge Adventures
By Don Rosa (The Early Years)
1 "Son of the Sun" "Cash Flow" $15
2 "Last Sled to Dawson" "Nobody's Business" "The Paper Chase" $15
3 "Lost in the Andes" "Fortune on the Rocks" $15
4 "His Majesty McDuck" "The Curse of Nostrildamus" "Fiscal Fitness" $15
Uncle Scrooge Adventures
By William Van Horn
1 “A Sound Deal” “A Prickly Relation” “Dime Collector” “Fly Now Pay Later” “Tents Anyone?” “Floating Alone” “Backyard Bet” “Large Deduction” “His Money's Worth” “Lost on a Dog” “The Bright Side” “Shaping Up” “Flights of Fancy” and “Heavy Duty” $15
2 “Duel Personalities” “Seeing the Blight” “Poisoned Palate” “Tree's a Crowd” “The Three Bs” “Quick Trim” “Coin of the Realm” “Seafood Blues” “Windfall on Mt G'Zoontight” “Be My Gust” “Tightrope” and “Call Off the Wild” $12
3 “The Bedeviled Dime” “Shooting to the Top” “False Economy” “The Whistling Ghost” and “Billion Bean Stampede” $12
4 “Another Vine Mess” “Sky-High Hi-Jinks” and “Amazon Queen” $12
Gyro Gearloose - The Madcap Inventor
By Carl Barks
1 “Trapped Lightning" "Inventor of Anything" "The Cat Box" "Grandma's Present" "Forecasting Follies" "Fishing Mystery" "The Sure-Fire Gold Finder" "Picnic" "Gyro Build a Better House" and "August Accident" $20
2 “Roscoe the Robot" "Getting Thor" "The Know-it-all-Machine" "Gyro Goes for a Dip" "The House on Cyclone Hill" "The Wishing Well" "Krankenstein Gyro" "The Dream Planet" "The Firefly Tracker" and "The Pied Piper of Duckburg" $20
3 “Feets Don't Fail Me Now" "Gyro's Workshop" "The Gab Muffer" "The Stubborn Stork" "Milktime Melodies" "The Lost Rabbit's Foot" "The Bird Camera" "The Odd Order" "Gyro and His Creator" "The Inventor's Contest" and "Oodles of Oomph" $15
4 “Say Cheese" "The Call of the Wild" "Cave of the Winds" "Mixed-Up Mixer" "The Madball Pitcher" "The Bear Tamer" "Tale of the Tape" "His Shining Hour" "Warpaint" and "Fishy Warden" $25
5 “That Small Feeling" "You Can't Win" "Fly-free Fishing" "The Nose Knows" "Monsterville" "The Cube" "Mighty But Miserable" "Brain-Strain" "The Old Timer" "Mechanized Mess" "Wily Rival" and "Power Seating" $15
6 “Fast Away Castaway" "Duckburg's Day of Peril" "Gyro Makes His Mark" "Buffaloed by Buffaloes" "The Great Pop Up" "Putting His Back Into It" "Madcap Inventors" "Finny Fun" "Posthasty Postman" "Snow Duster" "A Helper's Helping Hand" "Man versus Machine" and "Jonah Gyro SOLD OUT