Luck of the North
8” x 10 ” Miniature Litho (2000)

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Despite his every effort to lead a lazy and uncomplicated life, Donald still manages to get himself into outlandish situations, often bringing nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie along…in this case for an unscheduled and fearsome polar bear ride! Carl Barks' classic Luck of the North comic book and its famous cover, first published in December 1949, inspired his 1973 painting that the Old Duck Man turned into a horizontal composition of shimmering icebergs and northern lights that fleshed out the Arctic atmosphere. It was offered as Another Rainbow's seventeenth miniature lithograph. It has been produced as a continuous-tone print with a twelve-color image area eight inches high by ten inches wide, beautifully reproduced on an 11" x 13" sheet of heavy, archival Opalesque Keramique paper by The Black Box of Chicago.


  • Regular Edition Price for #11 and up $350 (sold)
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  • Regular Edition Price for #1, add 55% (available)
  • Gold Plate Edition #11-100, add 20% (sold)
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