Disney Comics

Gladstone's Walt Disney Giant

Series II --- Issues 1-7

Why is there a Series I and a Series II for the Gladstone comic books? When our original license expired (Series I), the Walt Disney Company took over publishing the comics themselves, but after three years -- despite help from Gladstone -- Disney threw in the towel and gave the license back, and Series II was born. This is why, when looking at the comics that Disney published and those that Gladstone published, some titles have numerical gaps, time lags or numbers that were repeated. Despite this minor confusion (all of which had an amazing logic!), we feel the Series II books are far superior in printing, color, paper and often in content! Because of problems in the distribution industry, all the standard-sized monthly titles eventually were incorporated into two monthly 64-page, square-bound comics, Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. Looking back, we feel these are the comic books that reflect the best of Gladstone.

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Walt Disney Giant #1 (September 1995)
The first issue of the Disney Giants features the 24-page Don Rosa blockbuster "Hearts of the Yukon" where the adventures of Scrooge McDuck play out in Dawson City with the likes of Glittering Goldie, Colonel Sam Steele, and the Soapy Slick gang! (Can be considered as part 8 1/2 of the Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck!)Also included is a fascinating 4-page treatise on Dawson, Scrooge, Barks and Rosa by historian, Geoffrey Blum. Rounding out this issue is "The Mounties" by Chase Craig, in which the 3 Little Pigs join the Mounties and their first assignment is to bring in the Big Bad Wolf!!

Walt Disney Giant #2 (November 1995)
Scrooge takes Donald and the boys on a world-wide inspection of his many properties, only to meet up with desert bandits and wild creatures in "The Mines of King Solomon" by Carl Barks. A special feature from 1944 - "The Cold-Blooded Penguin" by Robert Edmonds - portrays the zany life of Pablo Penguin and his adventurous journey to a tropical island!

Walt Disney Giant #3 (January 1996)
This issue devotes itself to the theme of Donald (and Goofy) - with super powers! In "Super Snooper," by Carl Barks, Donald, frustrated with the boys reading too many super hero comics, suddenly develops super powers when he drinks a secret formula by accident! In Don Rosa's "Super Snooper Strikes Again," Donald once more discovers the super strength formula but can't convince the boys that he really does have super powers. Also included in this issue is "The Beagle Boys and Super Goof" by Mark Evanier and "Mighty Duck" by Vic Lockman..

Walt Disney Giant #4 (March 1996)
Disney Giant #4 features the 44-page story "The Mysterious Stranger," (by the Disney Studio and art by Jaime Diaz Studio) where Professor Goofy Griffin seeks out the help of Doctor Mickey Kemp in order to cure his strange and invisible disorder.

Walt Disney Giant #5 (May 1996)
What starts off as pleasant ocean for Mickey, Minnie and Goofy cruise turns into a romance/adventure/nightmare in Byron Erickson's "Fantasy Island." In Gary Gabner's "Snacking Sleuths," Donald and cousin Fethry are hired by Scrooge to find, before anyone else does, a fabulous diamond mistakenly baked inside a chocolate candy.

Walt Disney Giant #6 (July 1996)
After several disasters, Junior Woodchucks Huey, Dewey and Louie are demoted to from being Generals to Colonels to Majors to Captains and finally to beanheads in Carl Barks' "The Day the Mountain Shook." In Vic Lockman's "The Tommy Moccasin Trail," the boys discover the lost diary and trail maps of famous Duckburg explorer Tommy Moccasin and are given the first crack at exploring the trails he forged long ago. Also included is an "Uncle Scrooge" story by Carl Barks in which Scrooge discovers an island while watching TV and packs up Donald and the boys as they rush to find it before anyone else. In the final story of this issue "Bad Day for Troop 'A'" by Carl Barks, Huey, Dewey and Louie are leading their troop to victory in every challenge until they go on a rescue hunt for a plane that has crashed in the Misty Mountains.

Walt Disney Giant #7 (September 1996)
Scrooge, Donald and the boys (and most of Duckburg) search for a real flying saucer so they can win a billion dollar prize in Carl Barks' "Micro-Ducks From Outer Space." In Carl Barks' "Donald's Big Imagination," Donald and the boys get into Gyro's new Imagining Machine and travel in their minds to the far reaches of outer space! In the final story, "Return of the Micro-Ducks" by Carl Barks, Scrooge trades kernels of grain for gold while Donald and the boys try to cheer up a princess who is pining away with sadness. (FINAL ISSUE OF SERIES)