Disney Comics

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse

Series II --- Issues 1-7

Why is there a Series I and a Series II for the Gladstone comic books? When our original license expired (Series I), the Walt Disney Company took over publishing the comics themselves, but after three years -- despite help from Gladstone -- Disney threw in the towel and gave the license back, and Series II was born. This is why, when looking at the comics that Disney published and those that Gladstone published, some titles have numerical gaps, time lags or numbers that were repeated. Despite this minor confusion (all of which had an amazing logic!), we feel the Series II books are far superior in printing, color, paper and often in content! Because of problems in the distribution industry, all the standard-sized monthly titles eventually were incorporated into two monthly 64-page, square-bound comics, Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. Looking back, we feel these are the comic books that reflect the best of Gladstone.

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Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #1 (September 1995)
Donald's plans to get rich with a pet feeding service turn upside-down in Carl Barks' "Donald's Pet Service." Mickey stars as Aladdin and is hired by Ali Baba (Pete) to find the magic lamp in "Mickey Aladdin - Part 1" by the Disney Studios.

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #2 (November 1995)
Huey, Dewey and Louie take a job as delivery boys on an assignment that the previous 5 boys didn't finish - in Barks' "Special Delivery." Mickey is lowered into a cave to find the lamp and finds that Ali Baba has no intention of letting him out in "Mickey Aladdin - Part 2 " by the Disney Studios.

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #3 (January 1996)
In Barks' "Around the World in 80 Minutes," Donald and the boys are hired to pilot a rocket in an around-the-world contest and have the upper edge until they find out that Gladstone is piloting the competing rocket! Goofy the genie gets Mickey back home but Ali Baba and his 40 thieves are after Mickey and the lamp in "Mickey Aladdin - Part 3 " by the Disney Studios .

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #4 (March 1996)
Donald and the boys' pet frog may be disqualified from the state frog-jumping contest but wins a trophy anyway in Barks' "Old Froggie Catapult." Mickey and Goofy help an old sailor follow the clues of a treasure map but Pete and Squinch are after it too - in "The Treasure of Shark Reef" by the Egmont Group.

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #5 (May 1996)
In Barks' "Dramatic Donald," Donald AND Gladstone try out for a part in Daisy's club play - but who gets the starring role? Mickey and Pluto fall down an almost bottomless pit and encounter a strange world of monsters and magic in Byron Erickson's "A Mouse and His Dog."

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #6 (July 1996)
While the boys are learning how to be good businessmen in Kindergarten, Donald gets taken in by a con man who sells him an island - in Barks' "Want to Buy an Island?" Mickey, Minnie and Goofy set sail to search for the lost Trojan Horse, fabled to contain the treasures of Troy - in "The Trojan Horse" by the Egmont Group.

Donald Duck & Mickey Mouse #7 (September 1996)
In Barks' "Donald's Bay Lot," Donald gets duped by a con man who sells him 'oceanfront property'. Mickey and Donald get transported back in time and are captured by the evil Warlord Phwue in Dave Rawson's "On the Ball." (FINAL ISSUE OF SERIES)