Disney Comics

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures

Series II --- Issues 21-48

Why is there a Series I and a Series II for the Gladstone comic books? When our original license expired (Series I), the Walt Disney Company took over publishing the comics themselves, but after three years -- despite help from Gladstone -- Disney threw in the towel and gave the license back, and Series II was born. This is why, when looking at the comics that Disney published and those that Gladstone published, some titles have numerical gaps, time lags or numbers that were repeated. Despite this minor confusion (all of which had an amazing logic!), we feel the Series II books are far superior in printing, color, paper and often in content! Because of problems in the distribution industry, all the standard-sized monthly titles eventually were incorporated into two monthly 64-page, square-bound comics, Uncle Scrooge and Walt Disney's Comics & Stories. Looking back, we feel these are the comic books that reflect the best of Gladstone.

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Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #21 (August 1993)
Hired by Uncle Scrooge to recover some important documents lost in a plane crash, Donald and the kids pour on the speed to uncover the "Secret of Hondorica" with cousin Gladstone complicating matters to no end! Written and drawn by Carl Barks.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #22 (October 1993)
In Barks' "The Pixilated Parrot," Donald and the boys chase Uncle Scrooge's wayward avian bean-counter to South America and back again to recover vital information! The Junior Woodchucks fill out the issue in "Lamplighters," a tale from the Egmont Group.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #23 (December 1993)
What if one of Donald's ancestors was a warrior holding forth against the Viking hordes? What if one of Daisy's ancestors insisted he fix her roof first? That's the premise of "Andold Wild Duck," a book-length fantasy by the talented European artist/writer Marco Rota. The cover by Don Rosa illustrates a climactic moment in the story.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #24 (February 1994)
William Van Horn's dramatic cover illustrates his 21-page outer space adventure, "The Black Moon." Uncle Scrooge sends Donald and the kids on a race to claim an astronomical oil deposit, but once they arrive at their sticky destination their problems begin to multiply!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #25 (April 1994)
Donald and the boys attempt to dodge danger during their quest to unearth an Asiatic treasure for Uncle Scrooge in "The Hoard at the Rainbow's End," a 20-page adventure by Dutch duck master Ben Verhagen, who also drew the cover.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #26 (June 1994)
In this 64-page giant issue, Donald and the boys buy an old houseboat on the Ohio River and have just fixed it up for a voyage when they meet "The Terror of the River," one of Carl Barks' all-time classics. In "Mathmagicland" by Don Christensen, Donald learns the value of mathematics and figures out a way to get out of a contract with Uncle Scrooge that is driving Donald batty and bankrupt!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #27 (August 1994)
Writer Ron Fernandez and artist Pat Block debut this issue with "The Mystery of Widow's Gap," a 26-page western thriller done in the tradition of Carl Barks' adventure stories. Fernandez and Block, Disney and Barks fans for years, pulled out the stops to make this the kind of story they themselves would want to read. The cover is by Pat Block.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #28 (October 1994)
The highlight of this double-size issue is Carl Barks' 32-page western adventure, "Sheriff of Bullet Valley," which captures the duck man's writing and artistic talents at their height. Backing up the book is "The Pirates of Ashcanistran," a 24-page story from the 1960s, with art and story by Bob Gregory. A Barks painting depicting Donald as the "Sheriff" graces the cover.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #29 (December 1994)
American writers Dave Rawson and Pat McGreal team up with artist Vicar for a South American romp featuring Donald as a hapless tour guide, in "Tour de Jour," illustrated on the cover by Don Rosa. Then, pizza delivery man Donald gets a call above and beyond the line of duty in "Stampede and Deliver," and action-filled tale from the team of writer John Lustig and artist William Van Horn.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #30 (February 1995)
Two great stories fill this 64-page Christmas special. In the first one, "Too Late for Christmas" by Ron Fernandez and Pat Block, Witch Hazel pays a visit to Donald and the boys and misplaces her magic spellbook. Who finds it but Gladstone Gander! Watch the fun as Donald and Gladstone battle for the Christmas decoration prize and magic fills the air! In the wonderful Barks classic "Gifts for Shacktown," Donald, Daisy and the boys try to raise money to buy Christmas dinner and toys for the poor children of Shacktown - even daring to ask Uncle Scrooge for help!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #31 (April 1995)
Donald is determined to trip up his nephews' quest for medals in "Traitor in the Ranks," a Junior Woodchucks story written by Carl Barks in 1971 and redrawn by master penman Daan Jippes twenty years later. The cover by Pat Block illustrates the story. "A Cargone Conclusion" backs up the issue as Donald tries his hand at car sales with mixed results. Art by the inimitable Ben Verhagen.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #32 (June 1995)
A trio of stories from the talents of Europe comprise this issue, starting off with "Catman vs. the Masked Marauder!" Donald has no patience with his nephews' infatuation with super heroes - until he becomes a super villain himself! Also, "Storm Dancers," a Junior Woodchucks story written by Carl Barks in the early 1970s, with new art by Daan Jippes, and "Nature Park Ranger," with art by Mau Heymans. Cover by Pat Block.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #33 (August 1995)
This issue contains one of Barks most famous stories - "The Golden Helmet." Watch Donald, the boys and the curator race Azure Blue and Lawyer Sharky to find the long lost golden helmet of Olaf the Blue, the possession of which will give it's owner the rights to all of North America!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #34 (October 1995)
A full-length adventure fills this issue with the "Secret of the Dragon's Den" written by Ron Fernandez with art by Pat Block. After almost burning down a carnival run by con artists, Donald and the boys discover a puppy that was frozen in ice and the location of ancient artifacts and ... maybe.....great treasure! The search begins!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #35 (December 1995)
In "The Poorest Duck in Duckburg" written by Ron Fernandez, Scrooge's plan to save money by eliminating Halloween backfires when he relies on advice from lawyer Sharky. At the same time, Witch Hazel is stripped of her magical powers unless she can make the Duckburg Halloween the best and scariest ever!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #36 (February 1996)
Donald is convinced that he has found the answer to control his temper and become friends with Neighbor Jones in "Peace In Pieces" written by John Lustig - convinced for a few minutes, anyway! In Carl Barks' "The Ice Taxis," Donald decides to make money by hauling around ice fishermen and their supplies - only to realize that the nephews are his competition!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #37 (April 1996)
After Daisy and Donald have a gigantic tiff, the boys hatch a scheme to get them back together. Grandma finds out and warns them it could blow up in their face. Find out if it does in "Three Little Cupids" written by Shelley and Pat Block. In "His Master's Voice" by The Egmont Group, Scrooge poses as Donald's butler when he thinks an old pal wants to borrow money from him.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #38 (June 1996)
This book features "The Hauntland Treasure," a 19-page epic that was written and drawn by William Van Horn expressly for Gladstone - the first one he'd done since "The Billion Bean Stampede," way back in DuckTales #13 (May 1990)!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #39 (August 1996)
After a clunk on the head, Donald thinks he is his pirate ancestor, Ringtail Van Dukke and takes the boys on treasure-seeking adventure - in "The Last Voyage of Ringtail Van Dukke" written by Ben Verhagen & Evert Geradts. $4.00

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #40 (October 1996)
In "Treasure Hunt at Sea" by Jim Kenner, Donald and the boys accompany Scrooge as he tries out his yacht's new sonar treasure locator - not realizing they would meet up with real pirates! In the next story, Donald, hiding the boys' birthday present in a place they'd never think to look, doesn't know he's buried it right under where the circus is about to set up - in Jim Kenner's "Donald Duck Circus Clown." $4.00

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #41 (December 1996)
The concept of wealth is addressed in this issue, first in "Cousin Bruce McDuck," a Danish story in which Donald and the nephews visit a relative of Scrooge's with a completely different idea of what constitutes money. The book's back-up story, "The Duck Who Cried Wolf," also from overseas, investigates the lengths to which Scrooge will go to safeguard his millions.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #42 (February 1997)
Scrooge sends Donald and the boys to collect a fifty-year-old debt of $10.00 from a Yukon prospector and they find him as well as a lost world - in "The Saga of Sourdough Sam" by Paul Murry. In Tony Strobl's "The Kangaroo Kid," Donald and the nephews take a vacation trip to Kangaroo Gulch, Australia, but the town is mysteriously deserted!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #43 (April 1997)
Hold onto your hats as Donalds and the boys battle Azure Blue and Lawyer Sharky in the full-length adventure "The Lost Charts of Columbus" by Don Rosa. From the Grand Banks of Newfoundland to the anient ruins of Mexico to the museums of Alexandria to a buried ship in Cape Cod.......they race to determine who truly owns the rights to North America!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #44 (June 1997)
In the "Kitchykaw Diamond" by Tony Strobl, Scrooge tricks Donald and the boys into going on a dangerous mission to the North Pole and both Donald and Scrooge end up giving each other a million bucks! Donald and the boys want a free vacation on Uncle Scrooge's deluxe dude ranch and he gives it to them - with a catch of course - in "Dude Sleuth" by Jack Bradbury.

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #45 (August 1997)
In order to win a bet with his neighbor, Donald and the boys travel back to the 1700s in Gyro's time machine to see if they can find an ancestor of some nobility - in "The Red Duck" by Paul Halas and Tom Anderson. Grandma Duck saves the day when the circus lion-tamer looses his nerve in "The Terrified Tamer" by Paul Halas and Jack Sutter. Donald enters the local fish contest in "The Master Fisherman" (art by Vicar) and is 'sure' to win because of Gyro's special fish-catching invention!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #46 (October 1997)
In "Chip Off the Old Block" by The Egmont Group, Donald's decision to become an artist of "magnificent miniatures" leads to his capture by villains who are also interested in miniatures! Also by The Egmont Group, "The Butler Did It" has Donald learning the art of perfect butlering. He is hired and then fired by his first employer - who has romantic intentions on Donald's girl, Daisy!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #47 (December 1997)
In the full-length Halloween special "Trick or Treat" by Carl Barks, when Donald plays some nasty Halloween tricks on the boys, Witch Hazel comes to their rescue. She's determined to get Donald's candy...but he is no pushover!

Gladstone's Donald Duck Adventures #48 (February 1998)
Donald gets a job hauling ice from the North Pole to Duckburg, unaware that international jewel thieves are behind the operation - in "The Saphead Factor" by William Van Horn. In "Fowl Play" by Janet Gilbert, Donald's sleepwalking lands him high in an eagles nest. Meanwhile a Donald imposter tries to worm his way into Scrooges fantasticatillions! (FINAL ISSUE OF SERIES)