Gladstone Super Treasure Pack!!!
For the first time in almost a decade, Gladstone is offering a special Treasure Pack - containing 10 different mostly double-sized uncirculated Classic Disney Comics from Gladstone's Series I era (1986-1990). Perfect as gifts for kids of all ages - and only $25 per pack!! ( this is 1/2 the regular price -or less- of the issues when bought individually!!!)
Examples of the kind of issues in the Treasure Packs

The Treasure Pack has 10 different Gladstone Comics. And MOST of the comics are Giant or Double-Size comics!! Take this opportunity to pick up the classic Disney stories at a VERY affordable price as we try to free up warehouse space of those issues of which we have in plentiful supply.

Note: We are unable to specify which issues are contained in any Treasure Pack offered. Although all issues have never been circulated, some issues may have slight flaws due to storage.

Treasure Pack 1 - 10 Gladstone Series I issues - all different and mostly Giant or Double-Size $25.00


Add $6.00 for shipping via media mail.