Walt Disney's Uncle Scrooge & Donald Duck in Color
Rebound Stories - 4-Volume Set
Uncle Scrooge Bargain Books! - Get an average of 80 pages (about twice the size of the Carl Barks Library Albums)of wonderful stories by Barks, Rosa and other comic greats in high-quality color. You don't get the editorials and commentary but, at these prices, you wouldn't expect to. (Very limited quantites remain in the Hamilton Vault.) Great for gifts or just reading over and over!

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Volume One Volume Two Volume Three Volume Four
Volume One
  • The Pixilated Parrot by Carl Barks
  • Operation St. Bernard by Carl Barks
  • Protective Cacophony by Egmont Group
  • Ten-Star Generals by Carl Barks
  • Course Play by Egmont Group
  • All At Sea by Carl Barks
Volume Two
  • The Gilded Man by Carl Barks
  • So Far and No Safari by Carl Barks
  • The Son of the Sun by Don Rosa
Volume Three
  • The Money Champ by Carl Barks
  • The Duck in the Iron Pants by Carl Barks
  • Ten Cents Worth of Trouble by Carl Barks
  • Last Sled to Dawson by Don Rosa
  • Rocket Reverie by Don Rosa
  • Recalled Wreck by Don Rosa
Volume Four
  • Second-Richest Duck by Carl Barks
  • Cash Flow by Carl Barks
  • The Many Faces of Magica DeSpell by Carl Barks
  • Raven Mad by Carl Barks

Each volume is $12.00
Complete Set - all 4 volumes - $45.00