Disney’s Uncle Scrooge #243 (June 1990)

Disney’s premiere Uncle Scrooge opened with a “Welcome” from Editor-In-Chief Len Wein: “In the past,” he wrote, “ Disney has licensed its famous characters to other publishers: Dell, Gold Key, Gladstone, et. al. But now, the gang has come home to roost. From this month forward, Mickey, Donald, and all your favorites will be published under the auspices of The Walt Disney Company itself.” A top-level executive told Gladstone’s publisher Walt Disney intended to “quintuple Gladstone’s circulation,” an ambitious goal, for sure. All the first issues sold extremely well, including Uncle Scrooge #243. However, in time
The cover, though uncredited to Bob Foster for design or William Van Horn for art was undoubtedly done by both. The lead story, “Pie in the Sky,” a 14-pager, was written by Bill Riling, art, lettering and coloring by Van Horn. The second tale was drawn by Victor Arriagada Rios, better known as Vicar!
There’s an interesting full-page ad on page 11 for “Tummy Trouble” starring Roger Rabbit and Baby Herman, promoted as “The First in a series of dazzling Disney movie books taken from actual scene-by-scene frame blow-ups, printed in vivid full color. Dialog and captions from the animated short’s script will give you a chance to laugh and laugh again at those funny bits you remember best -- or even missed -- from when you saw the cartoon!” All true. However, there was never a second issue. Why? It was too expensive to produce, a fabulous product, done in its entirety for Disney by Gladstone. Without question, it is one of the finest things Gladstone did. It sold well, just not enough to break even. We will offer copies elsewhere on our website. Meanwhile, the first issue, US #243, while dwindling quantities last, is available for

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