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Disney's Goofy Adventures

Issues 1-17

(In mid-1990 Gladstone lost its comic book license to the Walt Disney Company, who decided to publish themselves. Their impressive output quantity was launched with eight monthly titles, but they didn’t want to handle back-orders or subscriptions, so those jobs were given to Gladstone. We still have a relatively small inventory of their three-year run in stock, which we are highlighting for sale for the first time in years. The books are printed on quality paper, the color is generally excellent. Also, as one scans the numbers, you’ll note more and more credits by Gladstone people. Some collectors have forgotten that some titles had fabulous contents. Descriptions follow.)

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Disney’s Goofy Adventures #1 (June 1990)
"Balboa de Goofy" - Watch as the great explorer seeks gold as he stumbles through the early days of California. Story by Mike Kazaleh. Art by Rick Hoover.
"Goofy Frankenstein" - Is he mad - - or just Goofy? Story by Greg Crosby. Art by De Urtiaga and Torreiro.

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #2 (July 1990)
"Goofy Frankenstein - Part 2" - Rejoin the Goofiest mad scientist as he concludes the greatest experiment of all time. Story by Greg Crosby. Art by De Urtiaga and Torreiro.
"Goofy Peary & the North Pole" - With the aid of Mickey Mouse, the gallant explorer discovers the obvious. Story by Cal Howard. Art by Rick Hoover.
"The Goof Brothers at Kitty Hawk" - Need we say more? Story by Joshua Quagmire. Art by H. Saavedra and Robert Bat. Copies are in extremely limited supply.

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #3 (August 1990)
"Covered Wagons, Ho!" - In the wild West, wagon train leader Goofy guides almost the entire Disney gang (including Mickey, Pluto, Donald and Donald's nephews) through impassible passes - and right into an ambush! (From Four Color Comics #814). Story by Carl Fallberg. Art by Tony Strobl.
"Alexander the Goof" - Witness the ultimate adventure of the world's silliest military genius. Story by Pete Hansen. Art by H. Saavedra and Nestor Torriero."

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #4 (September 1990)
"The Great Goofdini" - The legendary escape artist, Harry Goofdini, uses his daredevil skills and his faithful assistant, Mickelini, to expose a phony ghost...or is it phony? Story by Doug Rice. Art by Rick Hoover and Gary Martin.
Also, "Captain Goofy and Pirate Pete" and "Hunter Goofy's African Diary". Sold Out!

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #5 (October 1990)
"Sir Goofy - Knight of the Square Table" - The silliest knight ever to joust meets a Black Knight who wants to run him through. Art by Al Hubbard.
Also, "Goofo Picasso" by John Fosse and Jim Bradrick, and "Goofy William Tell" by Bob Langhans and Mike Sosnowski."

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #6 (November 1990)
Super Goof in "The Thief of Zanzipar!" - Because you demanded it, the World's Silliest Super Hero returns, to face danger in an exotic land. Story by Bob Ogle. Art by Paul Murry.
"Goofy Hippocrates" - Can the founder of madcap medicine help brave Achilles heal his heel? What do you think? Story by Don Ferguson . Art by H. Saavedra and R. -`Torriero." Sold Out!

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #7 (December 1990)
"The Two Musketeers + One!" - In this comedy adventure, follow the Three Musketeers - Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, and Goofy - as they right wrongs and protect the honor of France against a dastardly Count. Story by Vic Lockman. Art by Tony Strobl. Sold Out!

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #8 (January 1991)
"Goofy Washington: Our Nation's Flounder" - Because you demanded it, follow Goofy Washington through that terrible winter in Valley Forge as he makes that hysteric journey across the frozen Delaware. Story by William Rostler. Art by C. Quartieri and R. Bat.
Also, "A Goofy Look at Movies" and the stunning adventures of "Star Goof".

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #9 (February 1991)
"The Name is Goof...James Goof" - He's tough. He's daring. He's suave. He's...Goofy? Story by Didier Le Bornec. Art by Claude Chebille .
Also, "The Goofy Crooner" a classic tale by Bill Walsh, Bill Wright and Floyd Gottfredson.

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #10 (March 1991)
"Goofy Samurai" - In the time of the Shoguns, one man is called upon to save the Emperor's honor and the entire Japanese Empire. So why did that one man have to be Goofy? Story by Don Ferguson. Art by Gutenberghus.
Also, "G-Man Goofy" by Scott Saavedra and Rick Hoover, and "A Goofy Look at Doors".

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #11 (April 1991)
"Goofis Khan" - How does the semi-ferocious Goofis Khan terroize all of Asia with a horde of only three? You wouldnt' believe us if we told you. Story by John Blair Moore. Art by John Costanza and Brian Garvey.
Also, "The Return of Goofy da Vinci" and "A Goofy Look at Weather" SOLD OUT.

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #12 (May 1991)
"Arizona Goof and the Lost Temple" - Meet Goofy's cousin, Arizona Goof! He's an adventuresome archaeologist on the trail of a lost Aztec temple, a swashbuckling adventurer who is unblinkingly fearless, daringly energetic...and completely incompetent. Story by Bruno Sarda. Art by Maria Luisa Uggetti.

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #13 (June 1991)
"Arizona Goof and the Lost Temple" - In this concluding chapter of our two-part epic, Mickey Mouse, Goofy and Goofy's cousin, Arizona Goof, brave dangerous swamps and jungles in search of an ancient Aztec temple. Story by Bruno Sarda. Art by Maria Luisa Uggetti. (Limited Supply)

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #14 (July 1991)
"Alexander Goof - the Early Years" - By popular demand, a closer look at the inspiring story of the ancient world's goofiest conqueror. Story by John Blair Moore. Art by Fugate and Wildman.
Extra! Another Super Goof saga!

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #15 (August 1991)
"Super Goof Versus the Cold Ray!" - By popular demand - another all Super Goof issue. It's summer, it's hot. So why is everybody turning up frozen? It's up to the World's Silliest Super Hero to find out why. Story by Vic Lockman. Art by Paul Murry.
Disney’s Goofy Adventures #16 (September 1991)
"Sheerluck Goof and the Giggling Ghost of Notenny Moor!" - A novel-length journey into mystery with the world's most famous detective, as he pursues the evil Doctor Moreorlessity! Story by John Blair Moore. Art by B. Fugate and G. Wildman. (Limited Supply)

Disney’s Goofy Adventures #17 (October 1991)
"Back in Time" - Goofy and Mickey travel back to prehistoric times in a time machine of their own. Story by J.B. Moore. Art by Toni.
"Tomb of Goofula!" - Meet a creature of the night, who doesn't drink .... milk!. Story by Marv Wolfman. Art by Gene Colan and Tom Palmer. (Limited Supply)