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Disney's Darkwing Duck

Issues 1-4

(In mid-1991 Gladstone lost its comic book license to the Walt Disney Company, who decided to publish themselves. Their impressive output quantity was launched with eight monthly titles, but they didn’t want to handle back-orders or subscriptions, so those jobs were given to Gladstone. We still have a relatively small inventory of their three-year run in stock, which we are highlighting for sale for the first time in years. The books are printed on quality paper, the color is generally excellent. Also, as one scans the numbers, you’ll note more and more credits by Gladstone people. Some collectors have forgotten that some titles had fabulous contents. Descriptions follow.)

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Disney's Darkwing Duck #1 (November 1991)
"Darkly Dawns the Duck!" - Meet the terror that flaps in the night, the winged scourge that pecks at the nightmares of the wicked, the most off-beat super-hero of all, in this action-packed four-part epic. Story and pencils by John Blair Moore. Inks by George Wildman.

Disney's Darkwing Duck #2 (December 1991)
"For Whom the Bull Toils!" - As our strangest Limited Series ever continues, the terrible Taurus Bulba is threatening to make mincemeat out of our hero, but Darkwing has got bigger problems - namely, his new adopted daughter, Gosalyn! Story and pencils by John Blair Moore. Inks by Gary Martin.

Disney's Darkwing Duck #3 (January 1992)
"Brawl in the Family, Part 3: Fowl Play" - Disney's new wacky super-hero has to overcome impossible obstacles, namely - Launchpad and Gosalyn - to catch the bad guy, and they are supposed to be on his side! Adaptation by John Blair Moore. Art by John Blair Moore and Gary Martin. (Limited supply)

Disney's Darkwing Duck #4 (February 1992)
"The End of the Beginning" - The thrilling, chilling and unwilling conclusion of the debut of Disney's new wacky super-heroic satire book. Story by Jan Strnad, Tad Stones and Jymn Magon. Art by John Blair Moore.