Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks
3 Rare Figurine Versions

When a number of Bark’s Figurines were destroyed (click here to get the whole story), the accompanying special editions of the Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks books, which contained each figurine’s Certificate of Authenticity, were set aside in the vaults of Bruce Hamilton, Publisher of Another Rainbow, Gladstone and the Bruce Hamilton Company.

Now, for the first time, while they last, they are being offered for sale.

They differ from the regular editions of the Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks in 3 ways: first, they have a beautiful glossy image of the figurine on the front cover; second, they have a numbered Certificate of Authenticity bound into the book; third, they have a special gold foil sticker that says “Produced by Another Rainbow” placed on part of the COA number.

Unfortunately, we only have a very limited quantity – first come, first served. Limit - one of each book per customer. $39.00 plus $6 shipping/handling in the USA or $15 s/h elsewhere. (shipping/handling cost is the same for 1, 2 or 3 books)

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