Comic Book Marketplace #82 - October 2000
The Comics Journal #227 - Sept. 2000
In addition to Barks' famous Oil Painting "Snow Fun" on the cover, there is a huge 44-page 'Tribute' section devoted to articles, photos, interviews and appreciations by many cartoonists, publishers and fans all over the world - such as Don Rosa, Don Ault, Michael Barrier, Geoffrey Blum, Bruce Hamilton, Steve Geppi and Byron Erickson. A special edition with Barks gracing the Cover, with text devoted to Barks in the Editorial by Gary Carter, letters to the editor, two "In Memorium" articles by Bruce Hamilton & Michael Naiman, and two other articles: "The Night Carl Barks Came to Grips with his Fame" by Bruce Hamilton, and "Remembrances of the Old Duck Man" by Bruce Hamilton and Alan Dean Foster.

Carl Barks Tribute Collection
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A special set of 5 Collectible Publications featuring articles and photos commemorating the life of the incomparable artist and story teller - Carl Barks.
All in "Like New" Condition - having been in climate controlled storage since publication. $39 (shipping is $7 in USA - $29 overseas)
Comic Buyer's Guide #1400 - 9/15/2000
Comic Buyer's Guide #1401 - 9/22/2000
The first CBG issue, after Carl's passing, that contains material commemorating the life and works of Carl Barks. Cover shows Barks and his creation, Uncle Scrooge. Maggie Thompson's editorial and article on Barks is followed by several pages of letters of appreciation from pros and fans alike as to the greatness of the Old Duck Man. The second issue of the CBG after Carl's passing - features four in-depth articles and appreciations of Barks by Mark Evanier, Tony Isabella, Peter David and Bruce Hamilton. The back cover features a beautiful and moving pose of the Duckman amidst words of farewell from Steve Geppi and many other fans.
16-Page ANA World's Fair of Money 2003 Booklet
High Quality Glossy 2003 American Numismatic Association World's Fair of Money commemorative booklet featuring an Article on Carl Barks, a Full-page photo of Carl at the art easel, and over 1 dozen beautiful images of Barks' unforgettable oil paintings and lithographs.