3 CARL BARKS Signed and numbered Prints
Licensed by Disney - Produced by Brockmann Und Reichelt in 1994 - All are 18 7/8" x 13 3/8"
In Pristine Condition - Shipped in secure container.

Mickey Mouse
999 issued - $69
Caliph of Bagdad
550 issued - $99 SOLD OUT
Nude With The Hat
700 issued - $139 SOLD OUT

The above signed and number prints were not published by Another Rainbow, but are part of the Bruce Hamilton Collection. There are only a handful of these available....so....first come, first served. The lowest numbers will be shipped first. Priority Shipping in the USA is $15 for 1 or 2 or all 3 prints. Email for overseas cost.

Although primarily known as the Duck Man, Carl Barks also tried his hand at Mickey Mouse, especially in the early days of his Disney career. In 1935 when Carl Barks went to work for Disney, his first job was as an in-betweener, penciling drawings of Mickey Mouse dancing a la Fred Astaire - with top hat and cane - in "Thru the Mirror." The above print was from that era.

No one drew ducks quite as well, or as successfully, as Carl Barks. When finally freed from his Disney duties, Barks turned his talents, and his incredible imagination, over to a series of paintings referred to as "Famous figures of history as they might have looked had their genes gotten mixed with waterfowl." Caliph of Bagdad has been a fan-favorite for years, reproduced from an 1978 oil-on-masonite illustration.

Barks didn't only draw ducks! The limited edition print based on Carl's 1939 pencil, The Nude With the Hat, depicts a nude brunette reclining on a bed, a cigarette in her right hand raised casually over her head, signed in black felt tip in the lower right corner.