(Disney’s) Roger Rabbit's Toontown #1 (August 1991)

Roger Rabbit - "Well, You Name It!" - Meet Toontown's most ridiculous gangster, Fancy Pants - and his arch-enemies, the Dreaded Flying Pizzas. You're got to read this one to believe it. . Story by Tom Yatutis. Art by John Costanza and Dave Hunt.
Baby Herman - "Shopping Spree!" - When this baby goes shopping, he always gets what he wants - no matter how many disasters result. Story by John Blair Moore. Art by the Jaime Diaz Studio.
Jessica Rabbit - "Beauty on the Spot!" - Now that Jessica is a judge of the Toontown Beauty Contest instead of the perpetual winner, who will she choose to wear the crown?. Story by Jack Enyart. Art by Bill Fugate and Bill Langley. (Almost sold out)