Custom Storage for your
Carl Barks Lithographs (all sold out)

Regular-Size (prototype) Box

Carl Barks’ Progressive Proof sets were produced with custom-made cases beginning in 1986. Collectors who had seen these magnificent boxes were so impressed they suggested we manufacture similar generic boxes that were large enough to house their entire Carl Barks lithograph collection! We responded by producing a heavy, custom-made case covered with long-wearing Holliston Roxite, a textbook fabric finished in maroon vellum. They’re gorgeous – both the regular-size and the mini-size!

The regular-size storage box measures an impressive 26” x 29” x 2”. The mini-generic cases are 13 ¼” x 15 ¼” x 2”. Each is designed to house all the Barks prints that were ever produced by Another Rainbow in that size. The boxes are designed to open easily and to allow the collector to slide his prints about for examination or to exhibit with endangering their mint condition. The regular box has twenty-eight Mylar sleeves enclosed (manufacturing cost alone of the sleeves is approximately $200) for permanent, archival storage; the mini has twenty. Drawings of Uncle Scrooge and Donald Duck by Barks and a reproduction of his signature appear stamped in gold in the lower right-hand corner of each.

Note: #1 We have sold out of the Regular and mini-size storage boxes.

Regular-size storage box - no mylars [See Note #1] SOLD $375
Regular-size storage box - 28 mylars [See Note #1] SOLD $575
Mini-size storage box - with 20 mylars [See Note #2] SOLD $325
Mini-Size Boxes