Hands Off My Playthings
16"x 20" Large lithograph

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For twelve years collectors have anticipated Another Rainbow's release of Hands Off My Playthings as a limited edition lithograph, Carl painted the famous oil in 1975 and then ten years later, in 1985, we produced it for The Sharper Image catalog, Three editions plus proofs were run off at that time (there were no Progressive Proofs in those days), but only the first edition was actually released, 500 copies containing the words "Sharper Image Edition" printed under the title. It has never been listed in our Market Update page because the collector's editions have been sitting on the shelf all that time! The Sharper Image Certificates of Authenticity acknowledge the existence of the collector editions offered now for the first time!

A color feature in the October, 1997, issue of Gladstone's Walt Disney's Comics and Stories (#617) - "The Year That Was 1975: A Tale of Two Bins" - tells a story about Hands Off My Playthings that collectors will find interesting. (A copy may be ordered from Gladstone.)

Hands Off My Playthings is a continuous-tone, twelve-color lithograph printed by the Black Box of Chicago on Opalesque paper with a 16" x 20" image area (the size of Barks' painting).


  • Regular Edition Price for #11 and up $640 (sold)
  • Regular Edition Price for #2-10, add 15% (sold)
  • Regular Edition Price for #1, add 65% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edition #11-100, add 50% (sold)
  • Gold Plate Edition #2-10, add 65%(sold)
  • Gold Plate Edtion #1, add 185% (sold)
  • Publishers and Printer’s proofs, add 125% (available)
  • Artist Proofs, add 175% (available)

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