"Negotiations" Limited Edition Beetle Bailey Bronze Scupture by Mort Walker

Caught up in a classic stance, Beetle and Sarge are at it again…..’ negotiating’!! In the dynamic pose perhaps most sought after by millions of Beetle Bailey fans throughout the world, Mort Walker has captured, in bronze, the essence of the ongoing battle between Beetle and Sarge.

Designed and sculptured by Walker and the artisans at his Comicana studio, and cast in bronze by world famous Bronn of America, Negotiations has been produced in an extremely limited edition of 20 – along with 3 Artist’s Proofs. Each Bronze has Walker’s signature embedded in the base of the sculpture. Each Certificate of Authenticity of the Regular Edition is numbered “One of 20” and the Certificate of each Artist Proof is identified as “One of 3”. All Certificates are signed by Mort Walker. Mounted on a hand-made wood plinth base, the bronze’s actual height is just over 9 inches and weighs some 23 pounds.

Originally produced in 1995, these treasures were discovered in the estate of Bruce Hamilton and are being made available in December of 2006.

Negotiations will never again be produced as a bronze and all studio molds have been destroyed to prevent future use.

  • "Negotiations" Limited Edition Bronze #One of 20