Another Rainbow
Lithograph Ad Cards

When Another Rainbow began publishing its now legendary lithographs, it made up some miniature versions of these prints for promotion purposes.
These miniature lithographs were printed at the same time as the full-size lithographs, on the same paper and the same presses using the same inks and colors.
They are, in fact, miniatures of the original lithographs. There were six of these miniatures produced – “Sailing the Spanish Main”, “An Embarrassment of Riches”, “Till Death Do Us Part”, “Live It Up Kid” (very rare) , “King Beowulf” and “Xerxes and Harem”.
If you are a fan of Carl Barks, this will be your first opportunity to get a complete set of all six of these little beauties – each of which is approximately 3 ½” x 5” in size. Very Limited quantities!

All 6 litho cards $29.00 - $5.00 shipping in USA.
Sailing The Spanish Main

An Embarassment of Riches

Till Death Do Us Part
Live it Up Donald (Kid), You're 50! (very rare)
King Beowulf
Xerxes and Harem (slightly censored)